This Bytes.  E-Book about Remote Learning

This Bytes. E-Book about Remote Learning

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This Bytes. The title here sums up the feeling I think every mom has with being a parent and the daily struggle to balance. In dealing with remote learning, working from home, the fact that we never may fit in jeans ever again, the list goes on. I was inspired to write this very short book to help a mom out dealing with everyday issues and my take on how to handle it. When I wrote this, I had turned to my computer to dump my feelings in a Word document. I then came up with solutions to my problems and VOILA-my little e-book. This is not professional information, I'm just hoping it gives you a good laugh while you lay in a fetal position in your closet. By the way: there is cursing so please do not read out loud in front of your 3-year old.

Drop me a line and let me know how you like it!


Please note: Once purchased you will receive a PDF version of my book. You may now go get your glass of wine.

If you'd like the schedule I speak about in the book follow this link!